ghc::filesystem Release v1.2.6

2019-09-21 17:45
Today I released v1.2.6 of [`ghc::filesystem`]( The main reason was an issue with `fs::path::preferred_seperator`. The previous implementation didn't compile on pre-C++17 compilers when the seperator was accessed. The Bugfix for [#27](, was a bit more work than expected, but now it works on all tested compilers.

Additionally, two pull requests found their way into this release, and I want to thank the supporters for their work.

The full list of changes in v1.2.6:

  • Pull request #23, tests and examples can now be disabled in CMake via setting BUILD_TESTING and BUILD_EXAMPLES to NO, OFF or FALSE.
  • Pull request #25, missing specialization for construction from std::string_view when available was added.
  • Additional test case when std::string_view is available.
  • Bugfix for #27, the fs::path::preferred_seperator declaration was not compiling on pre C++17 compilers and no test accessed it, to show the problem. Fixed it to an construction C++11 compiler should accept and added a test that is successful on all combinations tested.
  • Bugfix for #29, stricter warning settings where chosen and resulting warnings where fixed.