ghc::filesystem Release v1.3.10

2020-12-27 11:38
Today I released [v1.3.10]( of [`ghc::filesystem`](, my implementation of C++17 [`std::filesystem`]( for C++11, C++14 and C++17.

This Release small release fixes the missing constexpr of bitmask operations an issue where Source template parameters where not allowed to be used with std::string_view when using C++17.

I expect this to be the last v1.3.x release, as my focus is now getting the C++20 support done and releasing it with v1.4.0.

The full list of changes in v1.3.10:

  • Fix for #81, fixed issues with handling Source parameters that are string views.
  • Fix for #79, the bit operations for filesystem bitmasks that should be are now constexpr.

I want to thank all contributors for their support!