ghc::filesystem Release v1.3.2

2020-03-30 22:54
Today I released [v1.3.2]( of [`ghc::filesystem`](, my implementation of C++17 [`std::filesystem`]( for C++11, C++14 and C++17.

This Release added CI support for FreeBSD and ARM Linux, thanks to generous support with pull requests from nightlark, and some bug fixes. The two new platforms are possible with the service of Cirrus CI and Drone.

The full list of changes in v1.3.2:

  • Bugfix for #58, on MinGW the compilation could fail with an error about an undefined ERROR_FILE_TOO_LARGE constant.
  • Bugfix for #56, fs::lexically_relative didn’t ignore trailing slash on the base parameter, thanks for PR #57.
  • Bugfix for #55, fs::create_directories returned true when nothing needed to be created, because the directory already existed.
  • Bugfix for #54, error_code was not reset, if cached result was returned.
  • Pull request #53, fix for wrong handling of leading whitespace when reading fs::path from a stream.
  • Pull request #52, an ARM Linux target is now part of the CI infrastructure with the service of Drone CI.
  • Pull request #51, FreeBSD is now part of the CI infrastucture with the service of Cirrus CI.
  • Pull request #50, adaptive cast to timespec fields to avoid warnings.
  • Pull Request #49, additional GHC_OS_* target defines for BSD and SYS5R4 systems.
  • Pull request #48, typo fix.

I want to thank all contributors for their support!