ghc::filesystem Release v1.3.4

2020-08-30 08:03
Today I released [v1.3.4]( of [`ghc::filesystem`](, my implementation of C++17 [`std::filesystem`]( for C++11, C++14 and C++17.

This Release added some enhancements to better support Android and Emscripten.

The full list of changes in v1.3.4:

  • Pull request #69, use wchar_t versions of std::fstream from ghc::filesystem::fstream wrappers on Windows if using GCC with libc++.
  • Bugfix for #68, better handling of permission issues for directory iterators when using fs::directory_options::skip_permission_denied and initial support for compilation with emscripten.
  • Refactoring for #66, unneeded shared_ptr guards where removed and the file handles closed where needed to avoid unnecessary allocations.
  • Bugfix for #63, fixed issues on Windows with clang++ and C++17.
  • Pull request #62, various fixes for better Android support, thanks for the PR
  • Pull request #61, ghc::filesystem now supports use in projects with disabled exceptions. API signatures using exceptions for error handling are not available in this mode, thanks for the PR (this resolves #60 and #43)

I want to thank all contributors for their support!