Work on reLive Continued

2019-09-15 01:36

With the initial release of a working prototype of a new reLive streaming client I started to work on reLive again. The first result is a curses based console application for macOS and Linux. It is still a bit rough around the edges, but it fetches all metadata, has a database backend and plays shows.


The old reLiveQt client was based on Qt4 and has some issues with current macOS versions that make it feel sluggish and it is huge. For my new prototype I seperated all reLive handling from the UI and it should be easier to create other client variants from this source base.

The project is open sourced on GitHub at 🌐 and after some work in the next weeks, there will be an official binary release at least for macOS and Ubuntu, possible for other targets too. The old releases of reLiveQt are still on 🌐 if you feel lucky.

As allways, any feedback is wellcome, and please report any issues you find!