2019-08-10 14:20

In my spare time, I like to code for fun, for trying out new stuff to learn new things and sometimes to solve a problem I have. Most of the projects will never reach the public, but sometimes, the result is usefull for others.

Information on these can be found here:

ghc::filesystem on GitHub

An implementation of std::filesystem from C++17, based on features of C++11, so usable for any at least C++11 compatible compiler on Linux, macOS and Windows.


A reLive streaming client based on Qt for macOS and Windows. The last update was quite some time ago, but I restarted working on it, so hopefully a new, more compatible version will be released soon.


A console application for Windows and Linux that helps players of Eressea and similar games. As I stopped playing over ten years ago, so I didn’t update it, but it is still used.