ghc::filesystem Release v1.2.6

2019-09-21 17:45
Today I released v1.2.6 of [`ghc::filesystem`]( The main reason was an issue with `fs::path::preferred_seperator`. The previous implementation didn't compile on pre-C++17 compilers when the seperator was accessed. The Bugfix for [#27](, was a bit more work than expected, but now it works on all tested compilers.

Additionally, two pull requests found their way into this release, and I want to thank the supporters for their work.


Work on reLive Continued

2019-09-15 01:36

With the initial release of a working prototype of a new reLive streaming client I started to work on reLive again. The first result is a curses based console application for macOS and Linux. It is still a bit rough around the edges, but it fetches all metadata, has a database backend and plays shows.



ghc::filesystem Release v1.2.4

2019-08-11 10:21
Today I released v1.2.4 of [`ghc::filesystem`]( It mainly contains a fix for issue [#22](, where `ghc::filesystem::copy()` wouldn't allways forward given `copy_options` to a `ghc::filesystem::copy_file()` call. Read more...

Moved to a new server again.

2019-08-10 17:25

My previous server, based on Intel’s 8-Core-Atom C2750, was handling my mails, domains and repositories for about five years. Most of the time, I was quite happy with the system, but still, time passes and hardware ages fast. When last month the system dropped offline and was unreachable even through the remote serial connection, I was kind of shocked even with a relativly recent backup.

I called my hosting provider IONOS, and they where kind enough to find the issue (a dead mainboard) and replace the system, keeping my RAID1 HDDs, and getting everything up and running again in about an hour, and that on a sunday night. So thank you to all the unnamed service technicians that where involved in this!


ghc::filesystem Release v1.2.2

2019-06-23 16:50
Today I released a bugfix version of [`ghc::filesystem`]( It only contains a fix for issue [#21](, where compiling on Alpine Linux with `musl` instead of `glibc` chooses the wrong `strerror_r` signature.

The musl headers sadly don’t conform to the preprocessor expression of the linux man file (_POSIX_C_SOURCE >= 200112L || _XOPEN_SOURCE >= 600) && ! _GNU_SOURCE for strerror_r, so there was no well defined preprocessor way of solving this.